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IMMUNITY: Linux Kernel Exploitation

The Immunity Kernel Exploitation Master Track focuses on modern exploit development and vulnerability discovery techniques. Intermediate to advanced exploit development skills are recommended for students wishing to attend this class.

Class Requirements

  • Computer with at least 8GB of RAM to be able to run the training VM comfortably.
  • A multi-monitor environment (at least 2) is recommended.
  • The host should be a Linux OS (latest Ubuntu is preferred) with VMware Workstation Pro and gdb packages installed.
  • The streaming solution and communication platform will be communicated closer to the training date.
  • The training VM will be made available prior to the class with a document checklist to verify everything works as expected.

Note: If the student does not have VMware Workstation Pro, the default trial runs for 30 days which should be enough for the course. The training VM does run in VMware Player (the free option) but it does not have snapshot functionality, a feature extremely helpful during exercise solving.

Download latest version of Ubuntu
Download VMware Workstation Pro

Course Information

Date: October 11th - October 15th
Course Fee: $4,900
CPE Credits: 28

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  • User Land vs Kernel Land
  • Introduction to the Kernel Land
  • Kernel Debugging Environment
  • Kernel Internals

  • Memory Models and the Address Space
  • Kernel Shellcodes
  • Taxonomy of Kernel Vulnerabilities
  • Arbitrary Kernel Read/Write

  • Kernel Heap Allocators (SLAB/SLUB)
  • Kernel Pool Overflows and Use-After-Free
  • Race Conditions

  • Logical and HW-related Bugs
  • Kernel and Hardware Protections
  • Bypassing Protections
  • The Future of Kernel Vulnerabilities

Note: Syllabus is subject to change

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