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INFILTRATE 2019 Strategic Keynote

We are pleased to announce Window Snyder as a strategic keynote for INFILTRATE 2019.

Window Snyder is one of us. She is a security technologist with her roots in the earliest days of security research. Window got introduced to computer programming as a toddler on a TI-99, pursued math in high school and college, before settling on computer science. She hung out at the MIT Flea as a teenager, spent time with Boston hackers and joined @stake as director of security architecture. Window’s career has been heavily focused on resilience through mitigations and under-the-hood foundational security technologies. She has held leadership positions working on solving security and privacy concerns at Matasano, Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple and Fastly. Window now works as Chief Software Security Officer at a pretty large manufacturing company.

If you are interested in being a part of the INFILTRATE 2019 speaker line-up, Call For Papers is currently open. Visit our CFP page for additional information.

Window Snyder

Window Snyder


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